What we do?
We research and produce a wide range of fiber-optic cables with a unique set of specifications, which don’t have competitors in the world.
Our goal is to prove that the fiber-optic cable we have created based on our own technology is a high quality product with the best quality/price ratio on the market. Our mission is to develop and implement high technologies in the field of fiber-optics to create efficient solutions in business.
advantages of fiber-optic micro cable:
1. “The most thin!”
+ the diameter is twice smaller than of usual armored fiber optic cable (diameter of 4-fiber cable is 1/64” (4 mm)
2. “The most light!”
+ weight of our armored cable is 5 times less than others (1 mile weighs 100 lb)
3. “The most flexible!"
+ the smallest bending radius others - from 1 3/16”

4. “Superduty!”
+ very high duty (10 KN / 1,5”)
5. “Superproof!”
+ wide temperature range (from -70°F to +160°F)
6. “High quality!”
+ use of japanese fibers provides attenuation up to 0.33 db on 1 mile

Vlkova 532/8,
130 00, Prague,
Czech Republic